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You take care of your business, well take care of the fine print.

JUPITER began in 2006 when the market space was already saturated with agencies of all ages and sizes. Everything told us not to start. So we started. We still consider ourselves a start up. And probably always will.

We take full advantage of being young in the sense of being nimble-footed. Quick for us is not a virtue but a given, being in a profession that thrives on deadlines and last minute decisions. We don’t know if our deadlines are among the sharpest in the industry, but let’s just say we’re there when the client needs us.

About Us
About Us

Who are we

We consider ourselves fairly inexpensive, but that doesn't take away from us our spark of creativity. Aware of the inconsistency prevalent in the "ideas profession", we feel its important to maintain minimum standard at all times.

We never say we are the coolest, or may be we are… But what we do say is we get the work done. Just like the dabbawalla.

From conceptualising to designing to marketing to production to formulating media strategy to below-the-line... we like to get in early into our client's communication task and get out last.